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Hunan Techray Medical Technology Co., Ltd is an innovative company which integrates the research, design, production, sales, installation and after-sales into intelligent system based on green medical environment purification.

Techray tsom mus rau thaj chaw ntawm oxygen noj qab haus huv, uas yog ib tug kws tshaj lij nyob rau hauv kev lag luam ntawm high-end kho mob molecular sieve oxygen-ua. Raws li ib lub teb chaws koom thiab stipulator ntawm tus qauv tshiab rau kev kho mob molecular sieve oxygen tiam system, Techray tsis tu ncua yeej qhov kev sib tw nrog thawj tus nqi zog nyob rau hauv lub toj siab oxygen tiam project ntawm Joint Logistics Department ntawm Central Military Commission. 

Techray has a strong innovative team of technical experts, which has established a strong research center integrating technical, professional and systematic research with international molecular sieve research institutions and universities. The company owned more than 100 qualifications of new technology of intellectual property in the field of medical molecular sieve oxygen generation system. It obtained 5 national invention patents for our exclusive intelligent modular oxygen generator. At present, Techray has been awarded the provincial famous brand, ISO9001, ISO13485 quality management system certification and ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 certification, and also won high-tech enterprise and double software enterprise certification. All products have the qualification of medical industry

Techray provides comprehensive solutions of medical oxygen system based on strong technology and personalized integration advantages. With our constant effort for many years, we established a sound sales and service network, which can be reached to East, West, South, North and Middle area. The company set up more than 30 branches/offices and provided high quality service for more than 3000 medical institutions.

In the future, Techray will continue to concentrate on our technological innovation with our good supporting of capital and provide the best high-quality service for our customers.

Cov lus
lub tuam txhabTechray Medical Technology Co., Ltd
Tsim2007 xyoo
Cov hom lag luamManufacturer & Trading Company
Cov kev pabcuam thawj zaugMedical PSA Modular Oxygen Plant system
Ntau cov khoomOxygen Cylinder Filling System, Medical Gas Pipline Peoject, Medical Air System, Medical Vacuum System, Home Use Oxygen Concentrator
chaw nyob1F-3F A1 building, Lugu International Medical Equipment Industry Zone, No. 229, Guyuan Road,Changsha,Hunan, China
Trade & Market
Kev Lag Luam LojSoutheast Asia, Africa, Mid East, Eastern Asia, Western Europe, South Asia, Oceania, The globe
Nearest port for product exportChangsha, Shenzheng, Shanghai
Delivery clauses under the trade modeFOB, EXW, CIF, FCA
Acceptable payment methodsT/T, L/C, PayPal, Western Union, Cash
Whether any overseas office is availableTsis yog
Business turnoverUSD 102 million per year
Export volumeUSD 15 million per year
Number of foreign trade department employees15
Number of researchers120
Number of quality inspectors10
Number of all the employees500
Cov Ntaub Ntawv Hoobkas
Factory Area40,000m2
neeg ua hauj lwm500
Plant AddSouthwest corner of the intersection of Chayuan Road and Chayuan 2nd Road, High-tech Zone, Changsha City, Hunan Province

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